Thursday, 23 July 2015

Finding Time

When you have a child it's an interesting process trying to find time to do things. In the beginning it felt really selfish to even think of myself, but now that she is a bit older and more independant it really keeps me sane.
What I do is work around her schedule, with both my writing and finding time to read. I thought it would be hard for me to fall asleep because reading always helped calm my body and mind before I went to bed but most of the time I just drop. She has always been rather active so by the end of the day my energy is spent and its hard to think of anything other than sleep, and getting enough sleep before she wakes up.

I don't know what most parents do but that is the way I have decided to handle things. My child's welfare is my highest prioriety and always has been, and I had to learn to take the little moments (like when she was sleeping) to myself and do something no matter how small. Lately it has been working on a WIP on a word processing program on my phone, but I hope to get back into reading soon since the TBR pile is getting enormous.

Next on my list, especially since the paperback of Rebirth is now available, is to get the editing of Book 2 done and get it out to the world. It's tricky, but it'll happen. So please be patient! It's coming.

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