about me

My name is Ravin Tija Maurice and I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I decided when I was six that I wanted to be a writer and I've been working my way towards that goal ever since. When I was young I would rework books that I'd read, writing myself in as a character and changing around details to make it my own.
I remember walking into a bookstore as a kid with my parents, I'd always had a thing for books but this particular time I remember seeing the name 'Stephen King' on a lot of shelves. At the time, which was the late 80's early 90's he did not take up as much real estate as he does now but it was clear he was important, it was also a name my parents read. I remember seeing the name and knowing that I wanted to be like this ' Stephen King' and made up my mind. At school, when teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said Stephen King.
I studied Novel Writing at George Brown College where I was able to fine tune my craft, learning how to properly shape a novel and about specific genres like mystery and romance.

I am constantly trying to grow and improve as a writer, and I hope to be always learning and evolving as I grow.