Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I'm smiling at the counter, which now reads 992

   I have to say, I am always amazed when I come to my blog. Not only that people are reading it, but by the numbers. I know, why would it seem so odd that someone would want to read my words?
Well, its not really about that. I am a writer, of course I want people to read my words. But a blog is so much more than words, its more thoughts and opinions. And I guess I never thought I would ever have anything interesting enough to say.
But, wow! Seeing the counter on the blog every time I pop over is very encouraging, and to me shows that I'm not rambling on too much. I am so happy that people are stopping by, and it seems that some are coming back too....horray!

It reminds me in a very immediate way that I have readers and really keeps me going. Because, really, anyone who tells you that the novel writing is easy is....well....either I missed something or they're on another planet, and I'm inclined to go with the other planet theory.
Not that I am complaining, because I love it. I love the work...hell, I even love the editing and revising. And right now its keeping me balanced and sane while in the throws of recovery from a personal tragedy, as only art could. That was one thing that my Mother taught me from a very young age, to feed this compulsion and it will give you purpose and strength, as her sculpture did for her. And its there for you in a way that a human being cannot be, and its a place for you to seek personal refuge if need be. Knowing all that, I think, was what gave me the courage and pig headed ambition to keep at this no matter what, giving up is never an option. It still isn't now, and never will be.

As I write this I wonder, in a funny way I hope, that someone like me is reading this, someone who has a passion for something that they want to explore but don't have the courage, or have people in their world that don't quite 'get it', or they hide it under their bed or outside in a shed somewhere where no one would ever look. If this is a part of what you are as a person then you need to express it and damn what anyone else says!
That's why I smile at 992, because now that for the first time in, probably, my whole life I am being who I really am, my thoughts are acknowledged. Thank you all for that. Its a beautiful gift, but also humbling at the same time.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Movie Review: Brave

The plot summary from IMDb is:

Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse.

I had wanted to see this movie anyways, but it was an added bonus to be able to take my father to see his first 3D movie since Epcot in the 80's. And I have to say, if you going to experience the 'new 3D' for the first time, cartoons are really the way to do it.
The overall scope of this movie is impressive. The visuals, not just the scenery but the attention to detail is impeccable. The tiny fine details are beautiful, creating an amazing visual experience as Pixar seemed to do incredibly well.
The mentioned Princess Merida has the most amazing head of red hair that I guarantee that you will leave the theatre wanting to do a drastic color change. And, she's a butt kicking princess. She's actually the sort of princess I've been waiting for Disney to turn out for years - they started a bit with Tangled, but truly hit the nail on the head in that regard with Merida.
The story really centers around Merida's relationship with her mother, and the expectations that are put on her as she grows up, and how the dynamic of that relationship needs to change and evolve.
The storyline is great, keeps you interested through the whole movie, and is really fun for the whole family. (Did I just say that? That's so cheesy, I'm sorry). All of the characters are great, including the three little brothers who are up to no good and never speak a word. The mother character, Queen Eleanor, did tug at my heart strings on a variety of levels.
I left this movie thinking about Scotland, and about the Scottish characters in my own work, and with how great Brave is constantly on my lips. If you are only going to take your kids to one movie this year, especially girls, Brave is it.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Beauty in the Small Things, and a little about Brave

Hello readers!

I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about the movie Brave. I'll do a full review soon, but I'm so excited to talk about it I thought I'd say something first.
I have to start by saying, thank goodness for Pixar! Its quite an amazing achievement. Its stunning to look at, the animation is beautiful and they've done a wonderful job of creating a fictional Scotland. It was awe inspiring.
And the characters were well developed - Princess Merida is the princess we've all been waiting for! She's a butt-kicking-arrow-shooting-while-riding-a-horse sort of girl, which is right up my alley, and just what I needed while working on my edits and rewrites for Book 2. I am always on the search for inspiring women and Pixar gave me a young woman that really gave me hope for cartoons. The Disney Princesses were starting to make me sad.

And having that visual of Scotland in my head is a beautiful thing, it makes me dream of beautiful Scottish landscapes and want to write something set in that magical land. There is so much beauty and rich history in Scotland I think it would be amazing to write about, and I've really felt that way since I read Susan Fraser King's book called Lady Macbeth, a must read for historical fiction fans I might add.

Also, happy past 900 views! I can't believe it! Thank you to all of you for reading, and for coming back! I appreciate all the support. I'll have lots more content for you soon!