Saturday, 15 August 2015

Any Editors?

I thought I'd post something here to see if I get a response.
I am looking for an editor for Book 2. It's a big project - over 100,000 words - and I think I'm ok for continuity but I need spelling, grammar and punctuation.

If this piques your interest and you don't mind coming in for Book 2 please send me an email ravinmaurice(at) .
I would like a quote of cost and some idea of what you have previously worked on. Keeping the historical atmosphere is a prioriety.
Also, I will provide a copy of Rebirth.


Friday, 7 August 2015

On Motherhood, I'm sure the first of many

Becoming a Mother changed me in so many ways.
Good ways, I think. Having to be responsible for someone else emotionally and spiritually as well as physically really makes you reevaluate the world around you.
From the moment I saw her, I wanted to be better, do better, show her that her Mom was even half as amazing as her Mema. My Mother is a tough act to follow, I must add.
I want to show her that you can achieve your dreams, even if you got kicked when you were down. Several times. That if you keep fighting things will get better, which was something I had to figure out on my own.
Being a Mother has given me focus, lit a fire under me that had gone out after my Mother had died. I'm still working on taking care of myself as well as being a Mom but that's not easy. It feels a bit selfish and I have to work on knowing that's not what it's about.

Someone told me when I was pregnant that having a baby changes everything, but they made it sound so negative. When in reality it's not. My daughter has given me a reason. I say a reason because it covers a variety of categories that she ticks the boxes for.

I only wish my Mother was here to see her. Raising a daughter, a child in general, without your Mother to turn to is hard. I wonder if it has been extra hard because of the relationship I had with my Mother. Not saying I have it worse, but I think most new mother's have friends they can turn to for help and advice and I don't. My Mother was my only real friend. I have her friends that I turn to, but its not the same as having people my own age.

But I am learning to move passed that and work with what I have. Because I have so much and I am grateful.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Public And Private

In the age of the internet, everyone is concerned by how they are perceived by the world. When I was growing up it was mostly about gossip, having photographic evidence of your missteps was rare, video evidence even more rare.
Now, especially if your in the public eye, you have to think very hard about something before you put it out online because once you do it's out there and it's not going away. It makes the already self concious uber cautious, and to me it's always felt a little fake and forced.
When I had a traditional publisher I was much more concerned about it because my actions affected other people. Now that I do this on my own it all only looks bad on me. But sometimes in an effort to not make myself look like a jackass I feel like I'm not being authentic and that makes me inaccessable, and that's not what I want.
Of course I'm not going to air my dirty laundry all over the internet, that's just not part of my personality. But in an effort to connect more with you, dear reader, I'm going to try to be more authentic. I was going to write honest but this isn't really about honesty, it's about showing you who I am as a person as well as a writer. Maybe that's a huge mistake on my part, but I have found that I personally have connected more with authors that have shown a bit of themselves as people (I am hugely inspired by Laurell K Hamilton's blog and RM Gilmore, if you're wondering).

This also came about because of my current sidebar work in progress (WIP) that has nothing to do with Katrine and The Afflicted series. This new main character is very raw emotionally and writing her is bringing out some things in me emotionally that have been dormant for a while, but I think it's time for me to allow that side of myself to resurface.

My Mother's death and having my daughter have changed me quite signifigantly. I have lost and gained many things, but I think my unique perspective is something I can share with the world.