my fav things

“Everyone has his or her weaknesses. Some people smoke. I collect stuffed penguins. If you won't tell, I won't.” - Anita Blake

I thought I'd start a little section about my favourite things, not just books but everything. I'll do a separate page about the books but, in no particular order:

Tim Burton - I love everything this man touches. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite movies of all time
Betty Boop - a childhood favorite, the boxed set I received from my cousin of the old black and white cartoons is one of my most prized possessions. 
Catwoman - not just Michelle Phieffer but the comics as well. I'm loving DC's New 52 reboot. But I love the mysterious, sexy Catwoman - even back in the Adam West Batman series. I didn't have a lot of experience with her comics until recently, and I have to say I've definitely been missing out. 
Burn Notice tv show - I love a good spy show, and Jeffery Donovan is dreamy. The plots are good, dialogue snappy, and I love that black Charger. A well crafted tv show, need I say more?
Veronica Mars - I cannot say enough about the brilliance of this show. Brilliantly written, well acted, and not on the air for long enough.
Anything written by Diablo Cody - I so admire people who can write funny, and Cody does it so brilliantly that I'll watch anything that she does. But her brilliance does not end with humor, the depth of the human relationships is profound, Jennifer's Body was highly unappreciated in that regard.
Marilyn Monroe - I absolutely love anything Marilyn or Marilyn related.
Domino (movie) - Keira Knightly is amazing in this action flick about a fashion model turned bounty hunter
Mediaeval Baebes - my mother turned me on to this group, and I'm totally addicted. When I put up the book soundtrack, you'll see how thoroughly.
Katy Perry - I love Katy Perry! Anyone who says they're a mix of Betty Boop and Bettie Page is aces in my books
Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme - let me start this by saying that I am not a Manson fan/person. My interest in Squeaky is exactly that, the first woman ever convicted of trying to assassinate a US president for simply pointing a gun  that wasn't even loaded.
The History Channel, except Hitler week
Lost Girl tv show - supernatural fun, horray! I love this homegrown hit. With fascinating character, great acting and amazing creature development, it'll appeal to any Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan.
Bobby Flay - that man could cook anything and I would eat it. I love his show Throwdown
Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, tv show, comics - I know it might seem a bit cliche but I am a Buffy addict, I even love the old movie. Sarah Michelle Gellar is my hero
Blade movie, specifically the first one - a classic in its own right, there has never been another villain like Deacon Frost
Fairy Tales - as a kid, I always loved fairy tales, and not necessarily the Disney type. A little trivia fact: there is a story that the Evil Queen from Snow White was, in fact, based on Countess Bathory.
Polar Bears - even talking about the devastation makes me want to cry.
The Smurfs - I can't explain exactly why I love them so much, but I have since I was a kid and the movie that came out in 2011 was fantastic! My favourites are Brainy and, of course, Panicky
Gotham City Sirens - the comic book series featuring Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn is in a class by itself. The artwork is exceptional, the writing is stellar, I'm disappointed that DC discontinued it after 26 issues. I am liking their 'new 52', but its not the same as this amazing series.
Harley Quinn - as I'm reading through GCS, and the new 52's Suicide Squad, I'm developing a bit of an obsession with the Joker's sidekick/lover. I remember being interested in the character the first time I saw her in the Batman the Animated Series cartoon's as a kid, but as I'm reading the complexities of this character I have to say, she's a girl after my own heart.
Being Human (BBC) - I'm on the campaign that the original versions of 'things' are the best way to go, and Being Human is one of those things. The BBC version has that extra level of umph that the American's don't have, I'm not sure if its because of cultural sensibilities or what but I find that I thoroughly enjoy the british Being Human and the American...not so much. It is one of my favorite supernatural programs and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good vampire blood bath.
Cinderella (the Fables comics) - I got a copy of 'Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love' this year for Christmas and I read it in one sitting. Its combines so many things that I love - re imagining of fairy tales, spy's, intrigue, and a kick ass heroine. I haven't got into the Fables series yet, but I've heard its great so I'm excited that the first graphic novel is in my to read pile.
Ty Beanie Boos - I am not ashamed to express my love for stuffed animals (I'm very specific though, its not all stuffed animals across the board) and these cute critters with big eyes melt my heart every time I see them. I have a bat that I named Fang that keeps me company when I write....I know its dorky, but I don't care! I will happily confess to being a dork!
Once Upon A Time tv show - as I've said before, I love a good re imagining of a fairy tale, and I was blown away by the creativity of this show. It didn't even bother me that some of it was rooted in Disney, I loved seeing some of their characters fleshed out as real people (Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty? Awesome!). I can't wait to see where they take this show next season. Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White is amazing! One of my favorite episodes was the Red Riding Hood episode - I loved the twist they did on the story, and the casting of Red/Ruby is great.
Game of Thrones -  is there anyone around right now that doesn't love it? My favorite is the Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke.
Fables comic -  Another twist on fairy tales, I can't get enough of this series. My introduction came with the Cinderella-as-a-spy branch off from the original series, and I loved the world and the characters so much that I dove right in and I don't really want to get out.