Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Revisit - Guilty Pleasures Review and Thoughts

 I binged the last 150 pages or so and I am finally done with my reread of Guilty Pleasures!
So here is my first revisit review!

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #1

This book, when I originally read it in the early 2000's (which I much later learned was ten or so years after it first came out), was a serious turning point for me. I had no idea what urban fantasy was and I had never seen vampires, or any other supernatural characters, in such context and it was mind boggling. It opened my eyes in so many ways.
I immediately fell in love with Anita Blake. And during the reread I was reminded again why I wish she was my best friend (the one liners alone are gold!) and I discovered details about this book that I feel like I missed the first time.
Perhaps it is because I am in the midst of writing my own urban fantasy or the difference between my 25 and 35 year old brains I don't know, but Guilty Pleasures is more wonderful than I can remember. Anita's strength practically leaps off the page. She is a hero for those of us who didn't know we needed one, and inspite of the fact that she wouldn't want to be one.

But I could go on for days, and I won't. I am so pleased that even though I couldn't do much reading for a bit that I was able to get it done and that I am moving on to The Laughing Corpse.

I have read The Laughing Corpse, so it is another revisit, but I haven't read the next four books after that so it will be total new ground for me. I am happy to be piecing together the bits of the series that I had missed and I am really looking forward to it.

Just for your reference, the ones I missed are called (with their numbers in the series):
3. Circus of the Damned
4. The Lunatic Cafe
5. Bloody Bones
6. The Killing Dance

Have any of you ever done a revisit of books you previously read? How did it go?
Have you reread Anita Blake too? Post in the comments!