Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Small Piece of Advice a.k.a Something I May Have Done Right

I knew that when I started writing fiction that involved history that it would be time consuming. Because of the amount of research involved I knew that I would take some time for the book to develop and turn into something substantial. And, because of personal issues I was in the position where planning and organizing was keeping me sane.
So, I made the decision that I would not try to do anything in regards to finding a publisher until I had written enough material to fill two books. Mind you, in terms of historical fiction its not uncommon for the books to be quite large so I didn't give myself any restraints to the length, but it had to be something I was comfortable and happy with.

It was something I did, as I had stated earlier, to keep myself sane during a rough patch, and now I'm looking at it thinking, this is something I may have done right. So, I say to you, dear readers, if you're writing something don't start to pitch it unless you're comfortable with the amount of material you have, because if you don't have enough you won't get to enjoy the process. Getting published is supposed to be a joyous occasion for a new writer, why not make that all a bit easier?

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