Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Evolution of Process

Until the birth of my daughter, I was an old school pen to paper sort of writer. I had developed that process in college when I had the ability to just pull out a piece of paper and write, which was a switch from my earlier process.
But when my daughter was born I quickly learned that pen and paper wasn't going to happen. If I wanted to write I had to find another way to do it.
As any writer knows, changing your process is not easy. It stunts your creativity in a major way, but it also gives you time to seriously think. You have to make every moment count, especially when you have a small child because you don't know when you will get a chance to write again.
So I started writing on an app on my phone. At first I wasn't feeling it and it would majorly hurt my hand after a while typing on the touch pad. But then something clicked and I now quite happily write on my phone. Maybe it was the story I was working on (something new, not saying anything yet) or my muse just decided that if I didn't do this I wouldn't be able to write it doesn't matter because its working.

Have you ever had to change your process? How has having kids changed your creative process?

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