Friday, 1 March 2013

Character Discussion: The Villain

Klara Von Dores: or one lab accident from becoming a super villain.

(I'm sorry about the title, but when someone says 'villain' that line from the television series called 'The Big Bang Theory' immediately comes to mind)

Oh Klara. My villain. I have to say, early on it was hard for me to come up with an idea for a villain that would seem appropriate for Katrine. But, then I had this brilliant idea when I thought of what goes on with girls of that age, meaning mid teens. And jealousy popped into my head, among other things.

I strongly believe that there are universal truths that would translate into any time period, and the same problems and issues that affect teenagers in this day and age would come up, on some level, in the past. The same problems, only evolving as the world does, but the same problems nonetheless.

I decided that Katrine needed a villain that was similar in some ways, such as age, but total opposite ends of the spectrum in others. Where Katrine was from a small village who lives a very sheltered life, her villain needed to come from a life of privilege. The villain needed to be an absolute spoiled brat who had everything handed to her on a silver platter, but it was never enough. And when she didn't get what she wanted she tore the world down around her.

Klara Von Dores is the only child of Baron Von Dores, and she is banished from her parents court for reasons that I will not discuss because, well, when you read the book you'll find out. She is used to having things fitting her station, and when they're taken away from her and someone who see perceives to be inferior to her getting things she wants it would drive her insane. Especially the attentions of men. She's controlled and makes her judgments based on her own overpowering emotions, something very common for teenage girls. Maybe her reactions are not the same, but what can I say? Teenage girls are what they are - nuts. I used to be one, so I can say that quite confidently. And to me, someone who wasn't so different then the main character made the perfect villain, which would be the way it would work at any time I think.

Of course Klara will not be the only villain of the series, but I think she is the most dynamic. What drives her are such basic human emotions and it makes her so complex that a vampire would be driven by such human emotions. But, like I said about teenage girls, and it translates across the board.

I had fun writing her because of her extreme emotions and reactions, and her indifference to how people feel about her. Getting to explore her more as a character was interesting, and its been a challenge as a writer to get into that head space. She's the girl you love to hate, and that was another of my early thoughts when I first went into creating her.

And I hope, as readers, that you enjoy her.

Klara was another character that I went on to explore further in the second book. I did not think I would be able to really get into her perspective, but once I did I really had a lot of fun, and I feel that her part in Ikon is one of the strongest so far. It's different in many ways but I like it. 

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