Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happy Release Day!

Hello everyone, and Happy Release Day!

Ikon is now, finally out in the world and I couldn't be happier!
It was absolutely a labor of love, and I am overjoyed with the way that it turned out. I hope you all enjoy it!

                                                             Fighter. Survivor. Outcast

The werewolf Anastasia, illegitimate daughter of Erszebet Bathory, is able to meet her notorious mother at last. She discovers a pack of werewolves living in the forests around Csejthe and joins their ranks, forgetting her human life and her daughter.

Katrine and the Danse Macabre are set to travel to Moscow in pursuit of a mysterious creature rumored to be terrorizing the area. The troupe receives a chilly reception from the local vampires, who are suspicious of their associate Nikoli Osomov. Katherine also meets a member of the shadowy Order of the Dragon, who casts doubts on the motives of her cousin Gabor.

Meanwhile, the blood drinker Klara van Dores has been sold into slavery as punishment for her crimes against the Danse Macabre. Never one to submit to the will of others, she slaughters her new master and frees her fellow servants. But her behavior won't go unnoticed for long, and her new friend Olivia fears she may have been better off a slave.

                                                    Ikon: Book Two of The Afflicted
                                                           By Ravin Tija Maurice

eeek! I am still pinching myself!  
Having one book out is one thing, but two. Two makes it all the more real. Like I can stick my neck out and say 'Here I am. I am substantial. And I'm not going anywhere!'

I can't wait to hear what you guys think. So please, give me a shout when you're done! Come check me out over on my new facebook author page, I'd love to chat anytime! 

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