Wednesday, 9 January 2013

And the rejections pile up....

And I am okay with that. I read in a writing book that you should hang up your rejection letters because they are important. I don't know if I will be doing that but I do agree.
I knew that this next step was going to be a rough road, and the chances of me having to make a go of it on my own are pretty good. And I am okay with that too.

Because beyond all the rejection and 'issues' and whatever, writing is my reality. Every time someone asks me when Book 2 is coming out it reminds me of that. I don't just do this for me, I do this because I want to share my stories. I want to interact with my readers as much as possible - I am still overwhelmed that I even have readers. The idea that people read my blog still totally floors me.

Because of the way the literary landscape is turning out writers can now take control in a way they never could before and this is not only acceptable, in many cases they are applauded for their courage. In my mind that's what self publishing takes, courage. You have to be strong, tough, and remarkable. I like to see myself that way but I don't know how much truth there is in that.
I have been through a lot this year. The unwavering ambition that drove me up until this point has gone into hiding, but I am quietly trying to coax it out of the dark corner its hiding in, and if it doesn't want to come out I will be trudging into the darkness with it because I need it back.

So that is my update in a way. Please stick with me, because it's.coming. I promice.

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