Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Classics through Comics

Is there a classic novel that you would really like to read, but trying to plow through the actual novel is beyond difficult?
Well, let me tell you a bit about something I discovered that might make it more accessible.
Let me begin by saying I love Jane Austen, and I have for many years. But I have not read her novels, my love for her came from the many movies I have seen and from learning about her as a person. Not that I haven't tried to read her novels, I have, but I have had some difficulty. So when I found out that Marvel Comics was releasing graphic novel versions of some of her work I jumped at the chance to pick them up, hoping I would finally be able to devour the work I so cherished and obsessed over for many years.
And, AND, even better, they put out Northanger Abbey, by far my favourite Jane Austen story.
So maybe some will say that I am cheating by not reading the novel in its original form, but I say to them to pick up one of the comics before you pass judgement. Because you may find that the comic is very true to the original, and perhaps adds a new dimension.
I am currently reading Northanger Abbey and its fantastic! It really takes me into the world that I adore but has eluded me for so many years.
So if there is a classic novel you would like to read look up Marvel Illustrated, they have done other works like the Wizard of Oz books, the original novels by L Frank Baum. I highly recommend it!

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